LIKE4LIKE GROUP - December Month to month premium

LIKE4LIKE GROUP - December Month to month premium

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This is a month to month premium spot for December to January in our telegram group.

‼️If you’re interested in the auto charge option please add the auto charge premium spot option to your cart‼️

Purchasing this premium option allows you to drop your link without having to catch up in the group. The service will start on the day of set up (24-48hrs after purchase) and expire on the same date the following month. 

Please make sure you leave your TELEGRAM HANDLE IN THE NOTES WHEN CHECKING OUT! 

💠 what is a like 4 like group? We have a group hosted on telegram to help with engagement. You have to like the photos from the last 24 hours posted in the group and then can drop your own link and everyone else will go like your photo on Instagram, Helping boost your engagement! 💠

✖️ No refunds once purchased ✖️